The Purpose Predicament

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Sponsorship and brand purpose are connected today in a way that they have never been before. This is due to an evolution in brand strategy, which demands that brands take a stand in what they believe in. Why? Because consumers are more bombarded with advertising and content than ever before. Meanwhile, they’re also looking for authenticity, empathy and human connection more than ever before. And they’re not necessarily opposed to brands stepping in to help fill those gaps.

Sponsorship is a way for brand purpose to come to life in front of an audience in a way that is authentic, creates emotion, and meaningful human interactions.

Recent results from 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study made this clear:

“Americans are transforming loyalty to Purpose-driven brands from pride in being associated with that company to willingness to defend that organization if someone speaks badly of it:

  • Feel a stronger emotional connection: 77%
  • Proud to be associated: 70%
  • More willing to forgive if that company makes a misstep: 67%”

Being a purpose-driven brand requires an active approach to a brand’s values. The more active, the more deliberate, the greater the connection between a brand and it’s true root purpose.

This brings on the purpose predicament.

The stronger a brand stands for its values and the more direct it communicates its purpose, the braver they have to be. This means as a brand you are connecting even deeper with your tribe – those who believe with you. And further rejecting those who don’t believe.

Standing for your purpose requires strong strategic thinking, a clear communications platform, and buy-in from an entire organization. It’s true, some will burn your shoes, cause an uproar on social media, and even boycott your brand. Despite this, as an organization, you stand true to strategy and deal with the consequences of bravery.

Because it’s about more than the ad.

It’s about making a difference, creating lasting change, and giving a voice to those who want the same.