FUSE LIVE rebranding speaks to our philosophy and our growth

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We are excited to introduce FUSE LIVE, the XM and live content practice of FUSE Marketing Group Inc. (www.fusemg.com) launched in 2016 by Nicole Gallucci, author of Adversperience (https://nicolegallucci.ca/adversperience/) a new rebranding to underscore the agency’s evolution. Since its inception, the division has experienced significant growth with both existing and new clients. FUSE LIVE continues to see a sizable interest in the demand for its new kind of content fusion — the amplification of live experiences that are successful in building brands.

This rebranding launches with a new website (www.fuselive.ca),and Instagram profile fuselive.xm devoted to its evolved proposition that speaks to its competency as well as the needs of the ever-changing marketplace. FUSE LIVE is now a team of seasoned senior executives:  Aleena Mazhar has been awarded the title of partner and vice president, FUSE LIVE; Zach Wright, Ashley Somerville and Anthony Mayes are directors.  Key leadership with complimentary capabilities is provided from FUSE Marketing Group’s senior strategy team of Laurie Dillon-Schalk, partner, VP strategy and insights, Anastasia Tubanos, director, content strategy, Steven Alegris, director media strategy and the robust FUSE creative team of art directors, copy writers, videographers and photographers who all support in creating campaigns that are rooted in research and insights.

The agency — having heavily invested in and grown both of its XM and social teams — uncovered a key insight into the next dimension of consumer engagement that occurs when its practices are brought together to deliver themost robust brand experience.  FUSE is pioneering new ways to engineer live experiences that extend beyond one-off interactions through its structured content process, with clients including CIBC, Cashmere Bathroom Tissue and Ricola, among others.  Most recently, it has been incubating a company geared to youth and student influencer marketing, to again enhance its insights and broaden its offerings to clients.

“The basic principle of FUSE LIVE, rooted in the fundamentals of adversperiential thinking, has resonated so successfully that we have again evolved our talent and offerings in order to meet the needs of the changing landscape,” explained Ms Gallucci. “We are the catalyst to storytelling, creating opportunities for brands and consumers to come together and share stories that are authentically their own.  These stories, amplified via media channels, make consumers part of a brand narrative, building an even deeper connection than ever before.  Our tools and conversational data analytics reflect the impact of the stories.”

She added, “Nothing is real until it is experienced, and one cannot undo an experience or untell a story.  We’ve boosted our people, from XM experts and strategists, to content experts, to out of the box creative thinkers — to meet the growing demand for authentically engaging consumers for our clients and their brands.”

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